Georgia Saxelby


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Georgia Saxelby is an interactive installation artist whose practice investigates ritual and sacred space, sitting at the junction between performance and architecture.



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Saxelby is currently based between New York and Washington, DC where she is investigating the performance of resistance and reclamation by communities of women, drawing from the 2017 Women's March and the #MeToo virtual movement. The artist is interested in how we gather ourselves to enact the futures we imagine.



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My work is about exploring and re-imagining our cultural relationship towards women. How are women represented in our cultural mythologies? What are women-driven methods of passing down cultural knowledge and value systems? What do feminine forms of strength and power look and feel like?


Georgia Saxelby | Interview by brightest young things



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The artist's current project To Future Women has received widespread acclaim and has travelled to various national cultural institutions throughout Washington, DC, including the HirshhornThe Phillips Collection and The Smithsonian Arts & Industries Building.



June 1 - July 1 | IA&A at Hillyer

June 7 - 10 | Hirshhorn

June 22 - 24 | By The People