Georgia Saxelby


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Georgia Saxelby is an interactive installation artist who investigates ritual and sacred space. Her work intersects art and architecture, engaging with systems of audience participation and feminist spatial practices.



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Saxelby is currently based between New York and Washington, DC where she is investigating the performance of resistance and reclamation by communities of women, drawing from the 2017 Women's March and the #MeToo virtual movement. The artist is interested in how we gather ourselves to enact the futures we imagine.



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2019 Samstag Scholarship

"Georgia Saxelby’s work is highly charged, informed, feminist, inclusive, and relational - inviting participation from women across different cultures, countries, social and political spheres. Her work gives a loud, credible voice to the unrepresented and those without a voice.”




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"An urgent curiosity propels Georgia Saxelby to make art of our time … it is the environments she conceptualises and the sheer ambition and scope of these works that distinguish them.”

Read curator and arts writer Virginia Rigney’s short essay on Saxelby’s practice commissioned by the samstag museum




The artist's ongoing project To Future Women has received widespread acclaim and has travelled to national museums throughout Washington, DC, including the HirshhornThe Phillips Collection and The Smithsonian Arts & Industries Building.



Saturday December 1, 2.30-3.30pm | Artist Talks for NSW Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship Exhibition at Artspace, Woolloomooloo, Sydney

15 November - 17 December | NSW Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship Exhibition, Artspace, Sydney

June - September 2019 | Solo Exhibition at the Gallery of the Embassy of Australia, Washington, DC, USA


28 September - 3 October | Freedman Foundation Traveling Scholarship Exhibition, UNSW Galleries, Sydney

June 1 - July 1 | To Future Women, IA&A at Hillyer gallery, Washington, DC

June 7 - 10 | To Future Women, Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC

June 22 - 24 | To Future Women, By The People, Smithsonian Arts & Industries Building, Washington, DC

January 21 - February 20 | To Future Women, The Phillips Collection museum, Washington, DC