4 minute sample taken from 15 minute video installation:


15 minute video (Password: lullaby):


2017-18 | 2-channel video installation with sound (15 minutes duration) | 104" (h) x 370" (w)

Installation view at Artspace, Sydney, a premier contemporary arts institution in Australia, as a finalist in the NSW Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship

Lullaby is a multi-channel video work exploring the relationship between architecture, ritual and gender. Invented ritualized feminist gestures are performed within the monumental structures of the National Mall in Washington, DC. These performances occupy, misuse and supplement the Mall’s classical Greco-Roman architectural forms, creating a symbolic instability that disrupts the masculine iconography and spatial and symbolic hierarchies the monuments’ contain for a new symbolic order of my own making.

Direction, concept and editing: Georgia Saxelby | Videographer: Katie Schuler | Photographer: Kristin Adair | Performance artists: Georgia Saxelby, Vanessa Soudan  and Bailey Nolan | Sound: Great Waitress